Recovery From Bushfires Underway

The devastating bushfires in recent weeks across Australia did cause significant loss, both to humans and very many koalas and other wildlife. Vast areas of wildlife habitat also suffered a great deal, along with buildings and houses.

Much credit goes to our brave firefighters and volunteers and the support from the community here, and overseas. Full praise goes to the wildlife carer organisations and individuals across Australia for rescuing and caring for injured and distressed animals such as koalas. Wildlife hospitals have been extremely busy.

Now the recovery has begun. Koalas are not extinct in Australia, and we must now ensure we restore and develop existing and new habitat to help in providing the food such as eucalyptus tree leaves, which are the primary source for koalas.

My Park Australia (MPA) is a registered Charitable Trust, which has purchased a large area of bushland in Queensland, adjacent to a national park.

This park is being developed for the safe refuge and care for wildlife and friends of wildlife throughout the world will soon be able to log into the park and interact with the animals over the internet. A large portion of the land will be allocated to the active group known as Koala Crusaders Inc. where special facilities for rescued koalas will be cared for before their release back into the adjacent bushland.

Friends of wildlife from around the world who subscribe to MPA, are being offered a free small portion of their very own land within the park. They will all receive a high-quality land entitlement certificate identifying their particular portion of land.

We encourage you to support this great cause and assist in the recovery of the wildlife habitat and care of koalas and other wildlife, for their long term future.

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